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"Signature" CD Review - 
by Paul Allgood of Wedlock

CD review - 
I listened to this material on three separate occasions in order to drink in what Jeffrey was offering up. I do this because I think it takes multiple listenings to clear out your head space in order to give a title the attention it deserves.

The standard for an artist who does covers is whether or not the performance is convincing enough for the listener to feel as if it's an original. On Jeffery's release, Signature, I think his vocal stylings have hit the mark. It's aptly titled, and he opens with an original , "I Don't Get," co-written by Haim Cotton, which shows that he can pen his own material and that he simply chose to do a lot of reinterpretation on this particular outing. It was a good choice. What he's done is showcase his range from Billy Joel's "Highland Falls," to the Robbie Williams closing track "Angels," and he covers a lot of ground in between. I hear strength and longevity in the vocals that called me to think of Barry Manilow meeting Andy Bell. When an artist takes on covers he risks the criticism that he's not original. But for those who would even utter such foolishness; Wilgus is already working on a new record made up of ....you guessed it, original material. He got the obligatory "covers" project out of the way; and Wilgus is perfectly capable of doing more pop driven work. I'm sure he'll prove that to any doubters with the next outing. I'd love to hear Jeff singing over a club driven track myself.

You don't have to take my word for it, go to CDBaby or iTunes and take a listen for yourself. If you're in NYC , check him out for a two day stint at The Laurie Beechman Theatre on April 26&27th.It's all at http://www.jeffreywilgus.com if you want more info on this brilliant performer.

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