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CD Review - "Signature" by OutVoice

CD review - Len Rogers, OUTVOICE

"sig-na-ture; a distinctive mark, characteristic, or sound indicating identity."

"sig-na-ture; a distinctive mark, characteristic, or sound indicating identity." Upon opening the Jeffrey Wilgus "Signature" CD the first written statement offering some clue on the mystery herein, is the statement above. And to be honest I could think of no better opening. This CD is indeed a distinctive mark, characteristic, and sound indicating identity. The clarity and honesty of Jeffrey Wilgus' vocal skills wrapped this listener in soothing warmth. Leaving me wanting more, and more. Excellent accompaniment and arrangements make for a dazzling experience. Kudos to Haim Cotton for both. A generous mix of twelve covered songs , (not covers), and original songs present an enticing discovery of the sound and talents of Jeffrey Wilgus. I specify not covered, as Wilgus achieves the goal. Some songs are familiar but each also has a that distinctive mark which clearly identifies this amazing artist. So in that, Wilgus delivers a challenging sampling of his abilities, and each song, he makes his own. A strong opening with "I Don't Get (what I give), an original Wilgus / Cotton song which is upbeat in tempo with a deeper sense of meaning to the lyrics. The clever and musically embedding chorus keeps the song alive in your head. This is an apt proscenium for the talents to which "Signature" provides. Jeffrey Wilgus brings new imagery and feel to the classic George O'Dowd "Pretty Lies". I have always felt "Pretty Lies" to be one of O'Dowd's best works, and Jeffrey Wilgus makes a believer in that sentiment. Continuing the emotive list of musical treats with Paul Simon's "America", Wilgus weaves a musical experience which carries the listener to familiar places but with an all new musical reference and vision. "Kissing A Fool" is a wonderful jazz felt delivery of this George Michael standard. Make no mistake this is not your 90's George Michael music. No indeed this is pure Jeffrey Wilgus and that is giving a classic new life and sound. The next original Wilgus song is track seven, "The Answer In Me". Haunting and introspective, this is one which lingered and kept the fires of want burning for more of the Wilgus experience. A reference here would be one of the best uses of the word awesome I have seen. Not to be swayed from capturing your musical loyalties, Wilgus brings Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" to royal life. Inspirational and captivating, a real musical moment here! I have for years wanted to hear someone do "Corner Of The Sky" from the musical "Pippin". Jeffrey Wilgus delivers abundantly so in track ten. A fresh personal delivery, not a take on the Broadway performances. Wilgus makes this powerhouse of a song his own with passion and inspired style. Robbie Williams' "Angels" completes this personal feat of musical introduction. A perfect close to an intoxicating experience. Jeffrey Wilgus leaves you inspired and with a lingering sense of this man's musical soul. My first instinct is to hit the replay. Yes I did say more!

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